The Kings Head is a family pub run by husband and wife team Martyn and Pauline Hall. The pub is proud of it’s reputation in the Whitehall and St George areas as a place where the diverse local community come together for a pint… and to be served the best Sunday Roast and Caribbean Jerk in Bristol! The Kings Head staff offer a warm and friendly service to all that enter. So drop in the next time you’re passing and check the place out.

  • Martyn


    "I love The King's Head, but then again I would say that as I'm the owner! But in all seriousness, I think I've almost created what I set out to achieve here - which was to open a family-friendly pub that had a great Caribbean kitchen attached. I got a good team here and they all put a tremendous shift in (especially on Sundays) to make our customers happy - and if they're happy - I'm happy as they'll be back for more. There's always room for improvement though so I won't be putting my feet up just yet!"
  • Pauline


    "When Martin first said that he wanted to open a pub I agreed on one condition... that it would be a place where we could work and hang out as a family - otherwise we wouldn't get to see much of each other! The King's Head is a great hub of social activity and our friends, more often than not, join us here whenever they go out for the night. After all... when you've got your friends, wine and jerk chicken all under one roof - why would you go anywhere else?"
  • James


    "Having a mum and dad that run a pub has it's obvious advantages, but it's not about the free booze or free food for me. What's actually great is that I get to hang out with my mates here - especially on a Friday and Saturday evening, or in the week when the sun is out and we can sit outside. I just enjoy the vibe of the place, watch the odd game, and tuck into some fine curried goat. OK I lied... it is all about the food really!"
  • Nathan


    "Like James, I just enjoy being here with the guys and my family. There's usually always a footy game on or there's the cricket. So even when I'm helping out behind the bar it doesn't really feel like work as I still get to hear all the so called 'experts' giving their opinions on whether Liverpool should sack their manager, and who should be the next Prime Minister. Not that I care really!"